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Storage units in Detroit

How To Pack A Storage Unit in Detroit

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Packing a storage unit in Detroit, or any city for that matter, requires careful planning and organization. Whether your moving or down sizing, or simply in extra space for a short time. Knowing how to pack storage unit can save you time, money, and a headache of going through unnamed boxes. In this guide we will walk you through the process of packing a storage unit in Detroit, taking in the challenges you can face.

  1. Choosing the right storage unit – Before you start packing, its essential that you select the proper storage unit for your needs in Detroit.
    1. Location: Choose a storage facility that is close to you for easy accessibility. Currently Detroit has a ton of storage companies to help you out around the city.
    2. Size: The size of the storage unit will matter depending on what your looking to store. If you have big boxes or something like a boat you may want to look at outdoor storage in Detroit. You want to assess your needs properly you don’t want to be over paying for space your not going to use.
    3. Find a storage unit that is climate controlled: There are multiple different weather conditions.
  2. Gather packing supplies – Before you start packing, gathering the packing supplies you need include
    1. Boxes that are sturdy, have uniformed boxes so you can tell whats what and be sure to label the boxes with what is in them for easy movement.
    2. You will want packing tape – use high quality packing tape to secure the boxes from collapsing or opening when you transport them.
    3. Get bubble wrap or packing paper – Protect fragile items by packing them in secure bubble wrap.
    4. Look to get furniture covers – Cover your large coaches or seats and even mattress so you protect them from damage while moving.
    5. Buy some packing peanuts – Fill your empty spaces with these to avoid movement within the boxes when your in transit.
    6. Furniture sliders – These can be helpful when trying to move large pieces of furniture around or even in and out of your storage unit. They can make it easier on your back if you can slide items.
  1. Declutter your belongings – Before packing up any items take this time to dispose of any belongings you don’t want. You can sort items by donate, sell, or throw away. This will help you in cutting down the items you need to have in your storage unit and in return keep your storage organized.
  2. Pack everything with a strategy in mind – When packing your storage unit in Detroit here are some tips:
    1. Disassemble the furniture: Disassemble the furniture if you can to help save space in the storage unit. Most people disassemble beds, tables, and other large items.
    2. Think about stacking vertically: Place boxes that are heavier on the bottom and the lighter ones on the top put as many on top of each other that can hold the weight to the ceiling.
    3. Leave walking space: Create a small aisle in the center of the storage unit to access items easier.
    4. If its in a box make sure its labeled – This will allow for you to remember things and keep tabs on your inventory. Plus easily locate items as needed.
    5. Use furniture pads – Place furniture pads between stacked items to protect them from scratches and other damages.
  3. Make sure the storage unit is secure – Security is crucial for belongings in Detroit make sure that the storage facility has security measures up to your standards. Like cameras for all the units, gates, or even key cards. Do they have people on site working to help keep an eye on things? Purchase your own locks if you can or need.
  4. Have insurance coverage – While most storage facilities are pretty secure it won’t hurt to have the extra measure for your items that are stored. Check with the homeowners policy to make see if it covers things in storage. In some cases the storage facility may have insurance options for you.

Packing for a storage unit takes careful planning, organization, and attention to detail. By choosing the right storage unit and the correct supplies, and proper packing style you can ensure that your belongings will stay safe and damage free. Remember to have the proper security and insurance in place. With all this in mind you can properly and confidently pack your storage unit in Detroit.

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