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Packing Tips When Moving in Texas

Moving can be stressful at any time of the year let alone moving across the country or to another state. We have some tips for you if you’re moving to Texas or moving out of Texas.

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It is anxiety triggers to move for some people. With all the packing and organizing we want to make the process easier for you. There are ways to make moving to Texas less overwhelming and here is how.

Tips for packing and moving in Texas

  1. Start packing now – its easy to dig in and find out how much time it actually takes moving with stuff its might be best to double or triple the time it takes to pack and organize.
  2. Invest in quality packing supplies if you can – purchase quality boxes and other packing materials. The cost maybe more but you won’t run it to damaged belongings.
  3. Your going to have to change your address – connect with the post office and make sure your mail will be delivered to the new address.
  4. Pack properly – pack by room so everything stays together. This will make unpacking easier. Smaller boxes for the heavy stuff and don’t over pack a box. Plus make sure you purchase enough packing boxes.
  5. Wrap your breakables properly – most people use newspaper but you can use bubble wrap and the packing peanuts. Or you can use packing paper but make sure you label it as breakables.
  6. Don’t forget to label your boxes – a mix up can mean more work and more heavy lifting. It also makes for less mistakes room by room.
  7. Keep the most important items with you – avoid packing daily use items such as pills, jewelry, and money.
  8. Prepare a moving kit – this can include anything you need on moving day. Usually daily household items are on this kit list. You don’t want to forget batteries, cell phone chargers, or bathroom products or water.
  9. Get some good rest – you might be at it all day and you need to be focused so accidents don’t happen. You need to be physically ready for the day.
  10. All the packing needs to be done before moving day – no packing on moving day. Take everything in the house and put it in box every thing should be ready to roll the night before. Its less stressful for you and the movers.

You have to have a plan when packing and moving to help reduce stress for the busy day. Be prepared for all the unexpected things or at least have a plan too. If you need help we can also help with finding self-storage units in Texas if you need them.

moving in Texas

When Your Moving to Texas

If you need a self-storage unit in Texas to store moving boxes for a bit.

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