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Three Steps To Downsizing In A Hurry In Detroit

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Over the years, you have been carefully purging your belongings. But there are different things that can happen in life maybe if somebody gets sick and has to go into assisted living situation or maybe they’re just moving soon I need to lighten the load of all the packing.

we have some ideas that will make it easier for you to collect the proper belongings that you want instead of the valuable stuff going into the trash.

Temporary storage near Detroit

Dealing with paperwork is something that you may not have time for you may want to consider boxing unsorted documents and photos for temporary self storage that is climate controlled in the Detroit area

Make a plan to sort through the boxes later. This will help avoid the risk of throwing stuff out in a hurry just to get it done.

Do you want to deal with stuff that cannot be sold or donated. This can be unwanted medication, perishable foods, and non-perishable foods, but not perishable foods can most likely be donated to a food bank.

Find all the keepers

You want to have an idea for your keepers this is stuff that is going to definitely have a home, and when you’re moving is going with you. If you’re going through property that somebody has owned after that, you may want to get a real estate attorney, or an a successor, or either not an appraiser to come out and appraise what is valuable in the collection.

If you have valuable stuff, an appraiser can come out and help you figure out what is valuable and what it’s worth if you were going to sell it. Note: an appraiser can be expensive costing hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Once you have found all the keepers, it is ideal to mark them as painters tape this is because it’s safer for most surfaces. If you have different locations for each item, it is best to possibly buy more than one color of painters tape, so that you can distinguish what goes where.

You want to make arrangements for the said items to be moved to a new home, or a rented storage unit in Detroit, or hire movers, to help, or if you’re shipping items set a time and date for pick up. You want to remember that this is the process of decluttering you do not want to hold onto items that you don’t want them for a long period of time.

DIY options for yard sales

If you have several rooms of furniture and household items left over or you may want to think about having a estate sale. People have them that need to downsize so they are common. Estate sales are usually ran by professionals. an estate sales professional version most likely look for 30% off what is sold at the sale.

A yard or a garage sale could be a DIY option do it yourself for selling the remaining items. You can also put the items on Facebook or Nextdoor and sell them that way. you can often give items away but remember that charitable donations are sometimes picky on what they take so be aware.

You may even have to rent a dumpster to start dumping some of the unwanted items or even going to the landfill to drop off items. You could also hire a junk removal company in Detroit to pick up the remaining items. Remember, the process can be a difficult person, depending on how much you have accumulated over the years, but there is always help.

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