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Who we are and how we can help you with your self-storage needs.

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Why Our Self-Storage

We have on-site managers seven days a week to help you with your self-storage needs.

There are a ton of reasons why people chose to use self-storage units rather you be in Chicago, Dallas, or Detroit there is always a good reason to look into self-storage.

Downsizing to a condo or an apartment is a good reason most people use self-storage. A good way to look at it is to think your temporarily storing the things you can’t fit into a living space until you move again.

You could be inheriting something from family or friends that just won’t fit where you want to put it.

No matter the reason we here at storeMEstuff.com can help you find the most cost-effective self-storage near you. Call to find storage near you today!

Benefits of self-storage

Want to know the great benefits of storage?

  1. Take control of your space again – what we mean is life can get crazy and you might one-day walkout to the garage and see a bunch of things you never knew you had but you have to move them all the time. Well with our self-storage solutions we can take care of that for you.
  2. You might just want to keep something – Hey we get it not everyone wants to throw out what they have and we don’t want that for you either if it’s important. Important things to you are important things to us – Like a baby stroller from when you were two years old (we are here for you).
  3. It’s like an add-on of square footage – you don’t have to always upgrade which we know can be nice but self-storage can be that “add-on” for an extra garage or room to store baseball cards (if you have any).

When it comes to self-storage units there are multiple ways to go it all depends on what you need to store. We want this to be cost-effective for you so you pay for just what you need.

There are about six different types of storage which we can explain and then if you think it will fit your needs you can call us and speak to a storage professional.

The types of self-storage

The types go like this:

  1. Household Storage – can help with a variety of storage needs including moving, making room for the in-laws, storage for apartments and small studio apartments, and more. Our household storage solutions provide you with the flexibility and versatility you need, anytime you need them. This type of storage is also good for when your kids may move back home.
  2. Vehicle Storage – This is used when you may have an old classic you don’t want in the driveway anymore or in the garage where it can get damaged. Most people winterize their vehicles or store them if they are going on a long vacation or just need the vehicle moved. We can store RVs, motorcycles, boats, sedans, and jet skis.
  3. Moving storage – This can help if you are trying to move or stage a house. You can always come back to it. There are multiple storage units available to keep your things safe until you move into your new place even if it’s to downsize.
  4. Business storage – Yes businesses may need somewhere to house their inventory or business supplies. No matter if you’re a big or small business we have the self-storage solution for you. Even if you have outgrown your business office or have a home office we have space for it all. Plus you can drive right up to the storage unit and drop it off.
  5. Climate-controlled storage units – They are a big thing and a lot of people worry about their stuff like metals and furniture getting ruined. Our indoor storage units come in a variety of sizes so call and talk with a storage professional to see what fits you.
  6. Wine storage – If you are crazy about your wine and don’t have the room we have the perfect wine storage solution for you to keep that tasty wine in rotation.

If you have more questions you can always reach out to a storage unit professional to get started and make sure self-storage is right for you. Just to let you know that most moving storage and household storage are months to months.

While vehicle storage has three types of storage you will want to look at and those are indoor storage, outdoor storage, and covered storage. Vehicle storage is usually short-term.

Connect with a self-storage specialist

A storage unit specialist will break down what you have for items and usually advise the most cost-effective way to go with self-storage.

We do recommend that if you are looking to store wood furniture or fabrics, and metal let the storage specialist know you are looking at climate-controlled storage units. They will then take care of the rest.

Don’t forget about the location of the storage unit you want it’s pretty close to where you live unless you have an out-of-state self-storage unit.

Ready to take your next step with self-storage?

Connect with an on-site self-storage manager to get all your questions answered.

Contact us today and let’s store something.

Connect with us anytime you want. We are here to answer your questions.


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