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Tips For Finding Storage Solutions

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Whether it’s a small closet a large pantry, or a small linen closet do you want to keep it organized and tidy. The key to organization is to maximize the space and productivity. With this being said, everything should have a place and be in place.

Ideas for storage

We have some ideas that can help you organize, be functional, and have order. 

  • Keep the items in clear containers or jars. Seeing what you were on already is half the battle. Plus you don’t want to be purchasing items that you already own.
  • It’s faster practice the one in one out rule.
  • You should purge your items seasonally. Instead of doing a purge once a year you should evaluate what to keep and what to toss more often. 
  • Buy bins, containers, and baskets to store small stuff.
  • Scan it you don’t need a box of unnecessary paperwork of what’s in the box.
  • Saying no, it’s fine. Say no the items that you don’t want or heirlooms that you would inherit. just say that you don’t have the extra space in your home for the items to collect dust up in your attic or if it’s really important to you you could try to get a self storage unit nearby for family collectibles.
  • Take new stuff out of boxes. Boxes are bulky and take up more space.
  • You could go slim. Huggable hangers, or collapsible containers to maximize space.
  • create cubbies or shelves, or get racks to store stuff in your home of various sizes. 
  • Consider building built-ins but make sure that they have a purpose. You can also reach out to a handyman in the Detroit area to help you build the shelving that you need.

Considering self storage near you

If you are currently considering self storage as a viable option for you, you can find affordable self storage in areas of Rochester Hills MI, Macomb County, Oakland County, Wayne County, or Detroit. talk to a local storage unit manager near you today to find out your storage unit options. We even have business storage if needed. So if your every looking for business storage near me we can help out. Plus auto storage in Michigan is highly looked for too.

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